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pregnancy and what to expectPregnancy

Being pregnant is a wonderful time in life for many and some have a very difficult time with it.  For those that have never been pregnant, you may not know what to expect and that's where this resource comes in. Browse through our resources and be sure to send any other resource suggestions to us.  These are for strictly informative articles, videos and other pregnancy related items.
Videos Articles
  • Pregnancy Month to Month
    • Week 1-4 - Just got the positive pregnancy test? Here's what to expect in your first month of pregnancy.

    • Week 5-8 - Month 2 of pregnancy can be awful for new mothers. Morning sickness? That's not all...

    • Week 9-12 - Month 3 is when baby transforms from embryo to fetus.

    • Week 13-16 - Baby is growing fast. She's about the size of an apple now.

    • Week 17-20 - This is where the mad food cravings kick in. It's perfectly normal to start using the "I'm eating for 2" excuse now.

    • Week 21-24 - If you haven't already noticed, the kicking and stretching begins.

    • Week 25-28 - The little one can officially recognize your voice now, so start chatting with your baby!

    • Week 29-32 - Morning sickness sets back in again for many. What can you expect?

    • Week 33-36 - You're SO Close! What's happening during these last weeks?

    • Week 37-40 - You could go into labor any day now even though some babies tough it out a bit and some come earlier. If you've made it here, your overnight bag better be ready.

  • Exercising During Pregnancy - Should you do it and what exercises are safe?

  • Common Pregnancy Complications - While most pregnancies go without any issues, here are some common pregnancy complications that could happen.

  • Mother to Daughter - A video made decades ago especially for little girls that explains how a baby is created.

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