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Can Babies Have Nightmares? Yes.

baby-dreaming.jpgMr. Christopher here from the Corner Stork Baby Gifts blog. Canadian researchers performed a study on 987 children from infancy to age 6 to answer the question, “Are nightmares hereditary?” and “Can babies have nightmares?”. Any laymen like you or I could simply say that “Yes, a baby can have nightmares dependent on their environment.” If a child lives in a home with loud noises like yelling and screaming, fighting, or simply bad parents shaking them when they cry or hollering at the baby when they’re not cooperating, is going to cause their baby to have bad dreams or nitghtmares. As disturbing as that sounds, it’s more common than you may think. Just ask any DFAC’s agent.

But the scientists also found something else very interesting. Personality can also play a part in their nighttime visions also. Of the 987 children, a good bit of them had an occasional nightmare, but there some that had very frequent nightmares all the way through preschool and it happened primarily among children who were anxious or “difficult” as babies.

baby-crying.jpgIt suggests that young children that have bad dreams “are trait-like in nature and associated with personality characteristics measured as early as 5 months,” as reported in the medical journal called Sleep. One of the researchers, Dr. Tore Nielson was able to predict which children were going to have bad dreams simply by noting their anxiety levels between 5 months and 17 months. Babies that cried a lot at 5 months and were difficult to calm down typically always fell into the “bad dream” group more than the scattered few from the calm and peaceful babies. When they get old enough to communicate, Dr. Nielson says that having the children “draw the dream” onto paper when it’s fresh on their mind normally helps get to the root of the problem.

night-light-bear.jpgHelp create a peaceful environment for your babies to help avoid putting them in a negative or stressful environment. If you and your spouse need to argue or raise your voices, step out of the room out of ear shot of the baby. If there are loud noises that startle your infant, remove them from the racket and find a quiet and comforting place in the home until the the noises stop. Not only will this increase the chances that your baby will not fall into the “bad dream” group, but it will also help the baby’s brain development and avoid the onset of timidity later in their toddler stages. Head to Corner Stork Baby Gifts and view some great unique baby gifts to make bedtime more peaceful like the Plush Moonlight bear. Help your child avoid becoming a statistic.