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2008 New Year Baby–The Race is On!


Let me start by wishing you all a very safe, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Like every other year of our lives, it will be a journey of ups and downs meant to be enjoyed–even the downs! It’s about 1:10PM Eastern as I crank this out, a little less than 11 hours away from […]

7 Great Medical Myths Revealed


Mr. Christopher here. I’ve always rolled my eyes any time I hear someone say, “if you go out in that cold with a wet head, you’ll get pneumonia.” That old wives tale has been disproved so many times and you STILL hear Mom’s say it to this day. but just because I …

Chris O’Donnell Adds a FIFTH Child


Batman and Robin star Chris O’Donnell and wife Caroline Fentress delivered their fifth child, a new daughter by the name of Maeve Frances O’Donnell, according to E! Weighing in at 8 pounds and measuring 21 and a half inches long, this is the newest tike to the O’Donnell clan. Maeve will have …

Singer Lily Allen Announces Pregnancy


On this side of the world, everyone is obsessed with the news about the pregnancy of Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney’s 16 year old sister and star of Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101). But on the other side of the pond, a new star has become pregnant that has just as much buzz as the Spears sisters. …

Celebrity Pregnancies–Why Are They Surprising?


Happy “Last Week Before Christmas”! Sweet Sue here with my TWIST (The Way I See Things!) I came across a blog this morning saying that 2007 was the year of surprising celebrity pregnancies. Pardon my cynicism, but isn’t every celebrity pregnancy a surprise? Unless you’re one half of a relationship actively trying to get pregant, […]

New Baby Monitor Makes You Mobile


Every once in a while a new product comes along that really makes a big difference in the life of a newborn’s mother. Personally, I think Fisher-Price’s “ready2wear monitor” is an impressive step forward. Instead of having a bulky stationary unit you have to carry from room to room as you move about your home, […]

CNN’s Nancy Grace Gives Birth to Twins


Update as of 12/06/2007: nancy Grace is doing well after delivering her twins and will be back on the air January 7th according to CNN.com. Pictures of mommy and twins have surfaced thanks to Us Magazine and we have them here for you to view. In related news, Nancy was hospitalized for blood …

The Big Recall List


Mr. Christopher from the Corner Stork Baby Gifts Blog with some more important info for you. The toy recall list that has been growing for the past year has gotten way out of hand. It’s extremely difficult as a parent to know what is safe and it’s a pain to have to rely …