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CNN’s Nancy Grace Gives Birth to Twins


Update as of 12/06/2007: nancy Grace is doing well after delivering her twins and will be back on the air January 7th according to CNN.com. Pictures of mommy and twins have surfaced thanks to Us Magazine and we have them here for you to view. In related news, Nancy was hospitalized for blood …

The Big Recall List


Mr. Christopher from the Corner Stork Baby Gifts Blog with some more important info for you. The toy recall list that has been growing for the past year has gotten way out of hand. It’s extremely difficult as a parent to know what is safe and it’s a pain to have to rely …

“Chews” Mom’s Jewelry with Baby in Mind


OK. I’m impressed. Dr. Helen Bloom Smith had a brilliant idea while she was still in dental school, and it may make her richer than her actual dental practice. The idea came to her at a baby shower (while she was still in dental school) when she became concerned that her twin nephews used her glass-beaded […]

Crawlers, Toddlers and Christmas Trees


      Baby’s first Christmas? What an extraordinary time for your family! I don’t want to be a downer, but I do want to help you have a safe and happy holiday. Let’s talk about Christmas trees–those beautiful, twinkling, fragrant icons of the holiday. Want to know the best new baby gift you can put under the […]

Baby Shower Power for the Stay-at Home Dad!


What’s the likelihood that a Dad-to-be will have the sole responsibility to register for baby necessities and gifts for their upcoming baby shower? Slim to none, I suspect, which is why was a little curious about a recent article I discovered on, where else, the Internet. It was a list of do’s and don’t for […]

“Booby Boom”


My husband and I were watching “Dancing with the Stars” when co-host Samantha Harris returned from maternity leave. The first thing he noticed were her clearly larger breasts. “Wow! Check those out. I don’t remember her boobs being that big before!” I explained that she just had a baby and her breasts were now “working […]

New Fisher Price Recalls


A little behind the ball on this one, but better late than never. My next task is to get a full list of all of the toys that have been recalled in the past 6 months. The strangest ones of course are the ones where if swallowed, they turn into the same components …

A Common Mistake for First-Time Moms


First, let me say–if this is the worst parenting mistake you ever make, you’re lucky! I’m talking about the tendency to overstock a newborn baby’s layette. It’s understandable. Baby needs to be stylin’, so you spoil the little booger with attire that’s outgrown within six months. Of course, all is not lost, because they make […]

November is Prematurity Awareness Month


Hello all, Mr. Christopher here with a reminder. For those that don’t know, November is Prematurity Awareness month. For several years, the March of Dimes has had the unenviable task of educating everyone about the effects that premature births not only have on families, but also hospitals, health costs and the infants …