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Angelina and Brad to Adopt African Child

Mr. Christopher here from Corner Stork Baby Gifts blog. It’s kind of surprising that there are so many parents in the world that have so much trouble adopting children. Because Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seem to be able to get them like their sitting on a shelf at a grocery store. A report that […]

Can Babies Have Nightmares? Yes.

Mr. Christopher here from the Corner Stork Baby Gifts blog. Canadian researchers performed a study on 987 children from infancy to age 6 to answer the question, “Are nightmares hereditary?” and “Can babies have nightmares?”. Any laymen like you or I could simply say that “Yes, a baby can have nightmares dependent on their environment.” […]

Britney Spears Buys Baby Gifts

Oh no, no, no. Britney is not buying gifts for her baby sister Jamie who is also pregnant. This time she’s buying baby shower gifts for none other than Christina Aguilera. It must be nice to have a predecessor to pick up the pieces of your failed attempt of a comeback. Christina is still on […]

Strollin’ Into Debt with a $1000 Pram!

Since CNN did a story on this very topic recently, I thought we’d spend a few minutes discussing the pros and cons of strollers and prams that cost a thousand bucks. Not only does the Bugaboo Chameleon stroller on the left come in about 20 different color choices, there are a plethora of accessories, like […]

U.K. – Babies From Donors Must Be Denoted

Mr. Christopher here once again. Well, it appears that Telegraph in the United Kingdom released an interesting article about babies being born natural as a result of the, um, standard process versus babies born as a result of egg donation. Apparently, the U.K. felt that it was necessary that babies born from such donations need […]

Picked Something Lame? Change Baby’s Name!

Believe it or not, a small but growing number of parents, after suffering “namers’ remorse,” are mending their moniker mistake by changing baby’s name. Even after a 9-month search through every baby-naming book at Barnes & Noble, many parents crumble under the pressure (family and otherwise) to give their offspring a solid, somewhat unique name. […]

2008 New Year Baby–The Race is On!

Let me start by wishing you all a very safe, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Like every other year of our lives, it will be a journey of ups and downs meant to be enjoyed–even the downs! It’s about 1:10PM Eastern as I crank this out, a little less than 11 hours away from […]