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Gum Disease Tied to Diabetes in Pregnant Women

A study in New York University showed that women with periodontal (gum) disease were at much higher risk for gestational diabetes than pregnant women with healthy gums. The study was led by Dr. Ananda P. Dasanayak, a professor of epidemiology and health promotion at the NYU College of Dentistry studied 256 women in New York […]

Pregnant Smokers Have Grumpier Babies

Mr. Christopher from the Corner Stork Baby Blog. Here’s some breaking news from those crazy British scientists. They performed a study on pregnant women who smoked and those that quit once they got pregnant only to find that babies born to the non-smoking mommies were much happier. Babies born to the women who continued smoking […]

Breastfed Babies Risk Overfeeding!

Mr. Christopher from Corner Stork Baby Gifts Blog with an interesting article I found out of New Zealand. New Zealand has a “growth chart” that is used to decide if the growth of babies is up to standard. The problem with this chart is that it’s primarily based on the growth of babies that were […]

China Says No Leap Year Babies!

An interesting article on pregnancy and childbirth was reported a few hours ago.  The news article stated that women thatlived in in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province simply flat out refused to have Caesarean sections on February 29th.  It’s not known whether or not superstition played a part, but it’s pretty well known that […]

Parenting Hits an All New Low

Mr. Christopher from the Corner Stork Baby Blog once again with some disturbing news. Fox News reported today that a woman is caught on video pulling into an Orlando car wash facility, putting money into the car wash while another woman drags her daughter out of the car and sprays her with the high powered […]

Uk Moms Over 40 Rising Substantially

A lot of women are waiting to have families until later in their lives, but in the U.K. that number is getting way up there into record levels in England and Wales while girls under 18 has dropped a little.  The latter part of that statement is definitely good news, but it comes with a […]

Zinc Cures Diarrhea in Children

Many people suffer from diarrhea due to a poor diet, a rogue virus or simply by ingesting food not prepared properly. But you probably didn’t know that 2 million people a year die from it. At the time, you probably felt like you could die, but 2 million people literally die from it every year. […]

Pregnant in Winter

AmericanBaby.com has offered a wealth of great tips for women who are pregnant in the dead of winter. While most of the tips they provided are very helpful for those women who are pregnant in a location that is inundated with snow, these tips can also be helpful for pregnant women living in states that […]

Germany to Grant Parental Leave to Grandparents

Obviously there isn’t much to do in Germany. Germany is forced to change some laws because of the “children having children” issue. The government has decided to pass legislation to allow grandparents to take leave from work for up to 3 years when a minor of their family has a child. According to sources close […]

Angelina and Brad to Adopt African Child

Mr. Christopher here from Corner Stork Baby Gifts blog. It’s kind of surprising that there are so many parents in the world that have so much trouble adopting children. Because Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seem to be able to get them like their sitting on a shelf at a grocery store. A report that […]

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