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Baby Baptism Gifts and Baby Christening Gifts

Faith takes on added significance at the birth of a child, as parents, family and friends honor this blessed moment in their lives. To celebtrate this distinctly joyful occasion, we offer a varied selection of baptism and christening gifts, many of which can be personalized, like ceramic cross-shaped boxes and commemorative wall plates. You'll also find rosaries, bibles, jewelry and other faith-inspired baby gifts, all perfect for the occasion.

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Corner Story: Baptism and Christening Gifts

Baptisms and christenings date back to the earliest days of Christianity, and have their roots in the Jewish tradition of mikvah, or purification ritual. The word baptism comes from the Greek term for "to immerse," or "bathe;" The word Christen comes from Middle English and means "to receive into the Church."

Though types of baptism and christenings vary from a sprinkling of water of the head, called aspersion, to a full immersion of the body, the purpose and customs remains much the same as it was 2,000 years ago: to purify and receive into the family's spiritual community.

Baby gifts on the day of Christening usually respect the religious significance of the occasion, be it a silver cross for a baby, baby rosary set, or religious keepsake. Many new godparents choose to bestow a baby bible or other religious text, as a means of meeting the spiritual aspect of the godfather role. Others choose to give a gift not for immediate use, but something that can be appreciated throughout a lifetime and handed down to future generations or even future godparents.

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