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Elizabeth Hasselbeck Takes Maternity Leave


Hello all.  Mr. Christopher once again with some great news for the prettiest Republican we know.  The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be reporting for maternity leave next month reports a rep close to The View.  Elisabeth has been through quite a bit from the onscreen tusses with now departed Rosie O’Donnel and cohost swaps.  Hasselbeck announced […]

Pregorexics–Not Eating for Two…

Pregorexics are a new one on me. You, too? Pregorexics are women who take anorexia to a new level of insanity–when these women become pregnant and start to show, they freak out because they’re getting fat, so they stop eating or become bulemic. I certainly recognize anorexia and bulemia as eating disorders, and being the humble owner of an eating […]

Would I Know You From Your Baby Photo?

No–and that has probably cost me a very large prize today. A car or a boat maybe. My company celebrated day four of National Customer Service Week with a little contest. All of our incredible customer service representatives (CSR) posted numbered baby photos of themselves on the bulletin board in the call center. The rest […]