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Even With Nanny Cam Proof, Justice System Fails!

Sue at Corner Stork Baby Gifts here with my TWIST (The Way I See Things,) and what I see is an insane judicial system that lets child abusers continue their sick and disgusting behavior because the police and judges have their heads where the proverbial sun doesn’t shine.Take a look at the video at the […]

Zinc Cures Diarrhea in Children


Many people suffer from diarrhea due to a poor diet, a rogue virus or simply by ingesting food not prepared properly. But you probably didn’t know that 2 million people a year die from it. At the time, you probably felt like you could die, but 2 million people literally die from …

An Open Apology to Baby-Bump Bloggers


Hello all! Susan here with my TWIST (The Way I See Things.) Not long ago I questioned why bloggers and media made such a fuss about celebrity pregnancy. Are they pregnant? Can we see the baby bump? Is it twins? Are they hiding it behind gowns with layers of flowing fabric? Who’s throwing the …

Angelina Jolie: Selling the Truth to the Highest Bidder?


Amazing how a simple dress can spark rumors like the shot heard round the world. In the exploding world of celebrity pregnancy, Angelina and Brad may or may not be growing their family again. This is in addition to the recent report that they were adopting another third-world orphan. How can I possibly live without knowing for […]

Pregnant in Winter


AmericanBaby.com has offered a wealth of great tips for women who are pregnant in the dead of winter. While most of the tips they provided are very helpful for those women who are pregnant in a location that is inundated with snow, these tips can also be helpful for pregnant women living in states …