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Geometric Baby Shower


Geometric shapes are fun to incorporate into every day decor, but theming an entire baby shower around them is a fun way to spice up the party! This gender neutral theme is perfect with edible shapes in all different colors and triangles cut out and used in everything from the stationery, signage and decor. Need […]

3 Tips for Taking Great Holiday Baby Photos

Holiday Baby Photos

As new parents, you’re likely clamoring to capture your baby’s first few Christmases. You want to show her in her best Christmas dress or seated next to the Christmas tree. Whether you’re taking the pictures yourself or you’re hiring a professional photographer to do the job for you, follow these three tips for creating great […]

Fun Holiday Drinks for the Mom-to-be

The Holiday Season is all about celebrating friends and family! Parties and gatherings centered around food, drinks, gifts, and games are undoubtedly on your calendar this holiday season. Of course the emphasis at most parties is usually on the drinks, which are not always “pregnancy friendly”. So, rather than sipping on a boring old glass of water […]

3 Tips to De-Stress during the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful for everyone, especially Moms! It is important to take time for yourself to relax and de-stress. Here are some tips for Moms or anyone who is feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed from all of the holiday festivities. 1. Get Outside Go outside and enjoy a walk or jog down the […]

5 Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

Baby's First Christmas: Personalized Christmas Book

There are certain milestones that you celebrate with your baby. The first steps they take, their first tooth and the first time they eat solid food. Another milestone happens around this time every year: baby’s first Christmas. Whether it’s your baby, or a friend or family member’s, we’ve come up with some good gifts to […]

Thanksgiving Themed Baby Shower

Thanksgiving is such a special time of year to celebrate friends, family, and the things we are most thankful for.  There is probably nothing in the world Moms are more thankful for than their beautiful babies.  So why not incorporate the Thanksgiving holiday into your baby shower theme! Create a Thanksgiving themed table with festive decorations! […]

A Confetti Themed Birthday Party


  Confetti has made a big comeback recently and is being used in decor and DIY projects all over the web. So a party centered around confetti makes total sense! The menu would be fun – funfetti cupcakes, gumballs, and color sprinkled everything make for perfect sweets on the dessert table, and edible confetti is […]