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Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

It’s only mid-May and temperatures are already topping the charts in some areas!  Just the thought of the upcoming Summer heat is probably making you sweat, especially if you are pregnant!  Not only do you have to deal with hormonal changes which can increase body temperature, but the extra “load” you are carrying inherently increases […]

Owl-Themed Baby Shower

Photo 1 of 26: Fall Owls / Baby Shower/Sip & See "Fall Owl Baby Shower" | Catch My Party

Whooooo’s expecting!? An owl-themed baby shower is the perfect theme for celebrating a new pregnancy, especially if the sex of the baby is going to be a surprise! No matter what time of year, an owl-theme can be adapted to the season. This Fall-time owl-themed table arrangement boasts colors of Fall such as orange, green, […]

Easter-Themed Baby Shower

Little Pink Birdies Easter Baby Shower. Pinned for Kidfolio, the parenting mobile app that makes sharing a snap

Easter is a fun occasion for parties filled with pastel-colored decorations; a perfect time for a baby shower! If you are planning a baby shower around the time of Easter in April, consider planning an Easter-themed baby shower. Focus on one of the popular Easter pastel colors based on the gender of the baby: light […]

Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Proper nutrition is crucial for expecting moms.  There are particular foods you should avoid throughout your pregnancy.  However, even after baby comes you still need to be aware of what foods you eat.  Just like when baby was in the womb and needed proper nutrition from mom, a breastfed baby has the same needs.  Here […]