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9 Ideas for a Cosmic Nursery


Looking for a nursery theme that’s out of this world? Go cosmic! There are so many ways to make a starry, constellation-inspired nursery work. So today we’re sharing 9 ideas for your cosmic nursery. A Cosmic Color Palette The color palette in a cosmic nursery can be as bright or as moody as you want to […]

9 Ideas for a Gender Neutral Nursery


If you’re one of the many couples who don’t want to know the gender of your baby but still want to decorate the nursery before he or she makes their debut, we have the perfect nursery inspiration for you! Today we’re sharing 9 ideas for a gender neutral nursery that is the perfect space to bring […]

9 Ideas for a Boho Nursery


The tribal – or boho – nursery trend is ever growing, and the ideas and inspiration are endless! Today we’re showing you how to do a baby girl’s room right with 9 ideas for a boho nursery. Mix and Match Patterns The wonderful thing about a boho nursery is the ability to mix and match […]

A Soft, Elephant Themed Nursery


It is a parent’s dream to have a thoughtfully planned out and set up nursery to bring their newborn home to. Today we are sharing inspiration for an elephant themed nursery that will be a soft, serene and cozy place for your baby to sleep and play. Gray Goodness The wonderful thing about an elephant themed […]

A Cozy, Plaid Inspired Nursery


There is nothing cozier in the wintertime than a plaid flannel shirt or blanket. It instantly warms you up on a cold day. This winter, transform your little one’s space into a cozy, plaid-inspired nursery that will keep him warm all winter long. The Buffalo Plaid Trend Buffalo plaid is a hot trend right now, so […]

A Soft Zoo Animal Inspired Nursery


Coziness trumps all when it comes to a newborn’s nursery. And animals are always a safe bet with it comes to decorating for a baby. So this soft zoo animal inspired nursery is the best of both worlds! A Soft Palette The thing that keeps this nursery feeling soft and sweet is the color palette. […]

A Little Bear Inspired Nursery


When you find out you’re having a boy, you start dreaming of the cute little names you’ll call him – love bug, little man, pumpkin… the list goes on and on. One cute option is little bear. And if you’re planning on giving your little man a ‘bear’ nickname, why not build a nursery around […]

A Camp Inspired Play Room


Fall is the perfect time for camping, but your little one can camp all year round with this camp inspired play room! Camp Colors The color palette for this camp inspired play room can follow the colors seen in a campsite – army green, orange, blue and red. An army green wall with painted built […]

A Lullaby Inspired Toddler Room


A toddler’s room should be a cozy place for her to play and sleep, and a lullaby inspired bedroom is a magical and dreamy place for her to do both. Inspired By Lullabies Classic nursery rhymes are the perfect place to start for inspiration. Songs like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and  Mary Had a Little Lamb have lovely verses to […]

An Elephant Inspired Nursery


Neutral nurseries in classic themes are popular right now. A soft palette of gray makes for a classic nursery theme and elephants are the perfect animal to go along with this color scheme.Today we’re sharing ideas for an elephant inspired nursery. A Soft Palette An elephant inspired nursery in a soft and gentle color palette will be perfect to […]