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For Today’s Baby, Give Mod the Nod!

Or, at least, take the time to check out some of the innovative designs in baby gear. Just for fun, I took a cruise around the ‘Net to see what some of the industry’s creative minds have come up with, and I must say, I’m impressed. Even if you’re into traditional baby gear (furniture, bath-time […]

New Study Connects Sleep Habits with Childhood Obesity

As an ardent crusader to stop childhood obesity, I’ll take every opportunity I can to give you information and ideas to help keep your children at a normal, healthy weight. This information is the result of a recent study at the University of South Australia. It’s safe to presume Australian kids are just like American […]

Was Beyonce’s “Bouncing Baby” Bump Bogus?

I’m not sure how I feel about this. According to insider news sources (and I take everything I see or hear with a grain of salt these days), Beyonce’s baby bump at the Video Music Awards was fake. Apparently, she’s only couple of months preggers, so her “bump” wasn’t prominent. To up the drama, she […]

Terrific Trend Alert: Men-Only Baby Showers!

Bet you thought you’d never live to see the day! This is straight out of an article on Tennessean.com: “Sometimes called a dadchelor party, man shower or daddymoon, diaper parties are the latest way to acknowledge a baby’s arrival.” So what can a man expect when he’s invited to a baby shower for one of […]

Are You Raising a Fat Kid? Being One is NO FUN!

I speak from experience. I’m sure my mother didn’t have her sights set on making me a fat kid. It just happened because my parents didn’t set an example when it came to eating healthy foods and getting lots of exercise. That’s the thing about a lot of mothers—they prepare unhealthy meals, never encourage regular […]