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First Birthday Party Theme: A Rodeo Party

We’ve all heard the saying, “This ain’t my first rodeo.”  We’ll this rodeo themed first birthday party will really be your little one’s first rodeo, and a party that guests will remember.

Decorate with patterns of denim, gingham and bandanas and have the older kids pan for ‘gold nuggets’ and rope bales of hay with their lassos while the babies and toddlers pose for adorable photos and eat cupcakes with boots and spurs on them.

Links: 1. Corner Stork Baby Gifts 2. Cutie Putti Paperie 3. Little Princess Diaries 4. Amazon 5. Hues Studio 6. Impromptu Parties 7. Cutie Putti Paperie 8. Amazon 9. Micah Folsom Photography via HWTM

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