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Parents Say The Darndest Things

You are probably thinking, “Wait, I thought kids say the darndest things”? Well, sometimes responses from parents can be even funnier.  Nathan Ripperger from Iowa has put together a collection of some of the strangest quips that have come out of his mouth, as a father of four, and he is now sharing them with the world through poster form.

Ripperger claims,

“Every parent has that moment when they say to themselves “Wow, I can’t believe that came out of my mouth.” For me this seemed like the logical thing to do to commemorate these unique times with my children in poster form. It’s a project that I did only for myself, to keep my creative juices flowing outside of my normal day to day video projects and graphic design work. I’ve been blown away by the response I’ve gotten from these, but I guess that shows how relate-able this experience is as a parent.”

Check out some of his latest poster samples:

If you are interested in purchasing the posters they are available in Ripperger’s Etsy shop.

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  1. Seyma Shabbir

    This is soo true! I think many times I just say something silly (and not true) in response to a question from my son just so he drops it or doesn’t continue the subject. This week he asked my hubby if the person in front of him was a guy or a girl. It was a guy with long hair. My hubby told our son to ask the person. So my son ASKED the guy if he was a guy or girl. I later reprimanded my hubby for that response!

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