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What’s So Super Special About This Baby Shower Favor?

Stemless Wine Glass Baby


Maybe you can help me figure it out. The smart, sophisticated, personalized stemless wine glass baby shower favors by top-tier favor designer Kate Aspen were launched within the last six months, and they’ve quickly become one of the best-selling favors ever. I’d like to understand why.

Don’t get me wrong! I think the stemless wine glasses are fabulous! You can personalize them with lots of different designs and imprint colors. They’re stylish and practical, and they look great on reception tables. But I can safely say that about dozens of the baby shower favors on Corner Stork. So what’s the special attraction? Why does this favor turn people on?



Please Help Me Answer This Burning Question!

Baby Wine DrinkerI can speculate, but I’ll need your feedback for an accurate assessment. Here are my three totally unscientific theories:

1) A wine glass without a stem is hot, contemporary, sophisticated—a new trend in town that’s creating a barrel full of buzz.

2) The glasses are versatile. They can be wine glasses, juice glasses, pencil holders, bud vases or small-change receptacles.

3) We’re a nation that clearly loves the fruit of the vine, and our stylish, stemless wine glasses are the delivery method du jour.

I’ve shown you mine. Now you show me your thoughts about the popularity of the stemless wine glass! Do I hit the mark with 1, 2 or 3, or do you have a theorem I haven’t thought of? Meanwhile, have a fabulous day, friends!

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